Classroom Response Systems and 1:1 Classroom Computing

The term “Classroom Response System” refers to any software and/or hardware system that allows teachers to easily obtain instant feedback from their students. This is typically done by using remote control devices with some sort of portable receiver. Up until now, the computer “mouse” has not really been considered such a device. With Mouse Mischief though, it is! Let’s look closer at Classroom Response Systems and how expensive they can be.

Smart Boards offer amazing technology and a collaborative, visual learning experience for your classroom.  But, they are very expensive and cumbersome to set up.  With Mouse Mischief we leverage PowerPoint, software you are already likely using and well familiar with. There are no fancy “clickers” needed, only store bought mice and your PC. Another big advantage is the use of USB hubs with Mouse Mischief. Like a clicker transceiver, a USB hub serves the same purpose by allowing you to plug each mouse into it. It’s incredibly easy to plug in, and should a mouse go bad and break, unlike a clicker, you can just purchase another one for $5-$20.

Below are the price ranges of the two at a glance. The price vary with Mouse Mischief is based solely on the type of mice purchased. As you know, Mischief works with both traditional wired mice as well with wireless optical mice.

                                                      Total Investment

Smart Board with Clickers             $1200 - $3000

Mouse Mischief                                $250 - $700

The 1:1 Classroom Computing discussion today is often centered on providing each student with a PC. Many schools have adopted programs in their districts to give out smaller, portable Netbook PCs for example. However, school districts with little to no budget simply cannot afford the $200+ per student cost to implement such a program. Your classroom’s budget is always an issue, but not with Mouse Mischief.

With Mouse Mischief, each student only needs one mouse to engage and commandeer an interactive PowerPoint lesson plan designed by the teacher. Because Mouse Mischief integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, teachers can easily insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into their lessons. The entire lesson can be collectively accessed by up to 25 individual mice! 1:1 computing is now obtainable through the wonders of Microsoft Mouse Mischief.

In short, Mouse Mischief is a great replacement for the bulkier and more expensive Classroom Response Systems. While it doesn’t offer up quite the sophistication of a Smart Board, it will help your classroom save money and solve the 1:1 problem.

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  1. Julia Hughes says:

    What a cool idea!!! I can really see this technology being used in schools that do not have much technology funding. Although I do not like the fact that the students can see each other’s answers;  therefore, making the data skewed and unreliable in terms of analyzing whole group understanding of a lesson. Microsoft please fix this design flaw.

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