Why you REALLY need a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Many of my customers have a serious fear of defining service level agreements for SharePoint. The apparent belief is that SLAs are created by letting customers and senior management dream up lofty, unattainable goals that the system owners are then held accountable for. While this may be the unfortunate experience for some groups, it is…


Add an assembly to the Global Assembly Cache on Windows Server 2008 R2

While doing an install of SharePoint Server 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2, my customer and I bumped into a problem: we couldn’t manually add some assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Obviously, UAC (User Account Control) was blocking us… but all of the standard tricks for jumping through UAC were failing. We tried:…


Choosing a Disaster Recovery Solution

We get asked frequently which backup solution we recommend… and the obvious answer is ForeFront Data Protection Manager 2010 which includes protection for the entire SharePoint stack (Windows, SQL, and SharePoint itself). Of course we recommend it… WE MAKE IT!. Otherwise, Microsoft doesn’t recommend, endorse, validate, or support any 3rd party software… pretty much ever….


“Anonymous” in SharePoint 2007

An interesting quirk was discovered at a customer site recently. They have a single SharePoint farm hosting their internet-facing public “www” site, and were using in-place web content management…. meaning they had a single web application that was extended to the “Internet” zone, and the internet zone had Anonymous enabled. After deploying the environment it…


Starting/Stopping your SharePoint 2010 Dev environment with Powershell

SharePoint 2010 introduced the ability to host SharePoint on Windows 7 for development purposes… which is fantastic… no more VM. However, when SharePoint 2010 installs/configures services it configures them to start up automatically (or at minimum allows “Automatic” services to start “Manual” services). While this is great for my server… its not so great for…


Do you Weally Want a Wiki?

There’s no question: Wiki is officially a corporate buzzword… and as with most buzzwords, a lot of people will say they need one without understanding what makes a wiki a Wiki. So… what makes a wiki a Wiki? A Wiki is flat. As in, one great, bit massive folder with millions of things in it….


Disaster Recover vs. Fault Tolerance

Microsoft offers (for Premier support customers only) a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Risk Assessment product… basically a way to analyze your SharePoint farm (including WSS, product naming aside) for a possible 450+ known potential issues, and real, road-tested solutions to those problems. A portion of this is some investigation (we call it a survey) to…