MOSS 2007 Search for Content Owners – ensure good data quality to improve the search experience

To ensure good data quality and improve the search experience of the site make sure to:

  • enter Title and Description for pages and sites – especially remember the default page, when creating a new site

  • use readable URL names and titles.

  • don’t contract words in URL, but use hyphens (“-“) instead, like “news-article-about-software.aspx”

  • avoid special characters like & / ‘ etc. in URLs

  • avoid spaces in URLs, instead use hyphens.

  • avoid special national characters, instead use ASCII representation, where for Danish content ø=oe, æ=ae, å=aa

  • do cross linking in the site, but enter meaningful link texts in articles when making cross references, like instead of “more…”, use “More about SharePoint…” . This will improve the search quality of the site.

  • do not bury important content in a deep URL

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