Using Monad for logon scripts

In case you were wondering, yes, you can use Monad for your logon scripts.  You can't just assign a .MSH file as a logon script however, since only file types with file associations work as logon scripts.  Monad installation doesn't create a file association ".MSH -> msh.exe -command %1" for security reasons.  The best way to run a Monad logon script is probably to create a .CMD file containing "msh.exe -command mylogonscript.msh".

Comments (6)

  1. Rob says:

    Where is the download for Monad that works with the released version of .net framework 2.0?

  2. Ed Bradford says:

    You mention monad doesn’t create a file mapping for security reasons. Exacly what reasons would those be?

    Thank you.


  3. MSDN Archive says:

    When you create a file mapping in the shell, it becomes a lot easier to open a file by mistake, or for an attacker to social-engineer someone into running it. We’re all familiar with the tricks attackers use to get people to run .CMD files. We can at least make sure that this is harder for Monad scripts.

    Jon Newman [MSFT]

  4. Jeremy Pack says:

    Have I missed something? We have file associations for .wsh and .vbs so why not .msh? Is msh SOOO powerful that it does not rate file extensions?

    The first thing I did was create the file extension’s thinking the beta update over the previous version had messed them up. So why are we so scared of monad extensions? What can monad do that I could not do (with a lot more effort) in .vbs?

  5. Arnaud Petitjean says:

    The logon script will only run if the framework 2.0 is installed on the client’s machine, isn’t it ?

    If it’s the case, I think it’s important to note that.

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