SharePoint Provider Hosted App Walkthrough: Part 2 Dig deep

Introduction In the previous post here I showed how to write a new provider hosted App using a step by step process. In this post I will build up on that knowledge and show you the following: How to customize your provider hosted app so that you get information from the SharePoint site. (Such as…


SharePoint Provider Hosted App Walkthrough: Part 1 Preparation

SharePoint and office development model is changing to a new App model. This is the new development model for SharePoint. In this blog series I will walk you through creating a provider hosted SharePoint App that is hosted in an App part. This will show the following key features: ·         How to prepare your environment…


Solved: Moving SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflows between Sites

In man occasions you would be faced by the need to move workflows you developed using SharePoint designer from one site to another. This might be the case if for example you developed and tested the workflow on a testing environment and now wants to move to the production environment without the need to re-develop…


Linking ListViewWebParts in Sandbox environments

Problem Statement You have a requirement to display two list view web parts of two SharePoint lists. These two lists are linked together using a multi-valued lookup field in one of them. So for example you have a list called Companies and another called Branches and in the list of Companies you have a multi-valued…


A ListDefinition with custom forms

Writing a custom ListDefinition is something all SharePoint developers phase more than once in a development lifecycle. With the new enhancements to the development tools for SharePoint 2010 it became actually easier to do so. But the tricky part is how to write a custom display, new and edit forms for the new list definition….


SharePoint Fixed issues when stopped SENS service

Now I faced this solution many times now and for many problems that I faced so I decided that I would blog about all the issues that I faced and where solvable by this same solution. The SENS service (or the System Event Notification Service) is designed for “Applications designed for use by mobile users…


Reading item attachments programmatically (SPFile.OpenBinary Exception)

This is a small issue that I faced the other day and wasted several hours of my time. The scenario is rather simple. You have a list item and you already have an attachment to this item. What you want to do is to read this item attachment in a workflow or a web part…


SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service: Part 4 Configure UPS Synchronization Sources

In the previous post I showed you how to deploy the BCS model for the Employee WCF service. In this post we will continue our scenario by adding the synchronization sources for the AD and the BCS WCF service. Add the Employee IDs to the AD profile This step is needed to allow the UPS…


SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service: Part 2 Developing the WCF service

In this post I will start talking about using the UPS and how we can use that to connect to two sources of user profiles data. Please refer to the previous post on how to configure the UPS. The Scenario So lets first describe the scenario at hand. We have user profiles data residing in…


SharePoint Servers Time-zone

This is a small note. Please make sure that all servers belonging to the same farm are actually on the same time-zone. I had a very strange issue where performing any actions on a farm server would not be executed (as far as I saw it initially). I was trying to start or stop services…