SharePoint Servers Time-zone

This is a small note. Please make sure that all servers belonging to the same farm are actually on the same time-zone. I had a very strange issue where performing any actions on a farm server would not be executed (as far as I saw it initially). I was trying to start or stop services…


SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service: Part 1a Configuration

I wanted to write a series about how to get SharePoint 2010 user profiles service and synchronization scenario working. So this is the first post of this series and I will talk about the configuration alternatives of the user profiles service. The user profile service can be configured either on a single server installation or…


Using a custom user profile property for people search results scopes

The scenario is simple; what have configured people search and allowed that to search using a custom metadata property that is being populated into the user profiles from an external system like a BCS system. For this post I assume that the user profiles synchronization is up and running and that we added an extra…

SharePoint 2010 People Search using Metadata

The scenario is simple; what you want is to configure people search and allow that to search using a custom metadata property that is being populated into the user profiles from an external system like a BCS system. I will dedicate several posts for configuring the user profiles service and synchronization from an external source….

Configuring WCF connection timeout for BCS

The scenario is that you have configured a BCS system connecting to a WCF service. Now this service is not connecting to a reliable system and you have a failover node for it. But since BCS by default will keep waiting for the service to respond you will not be able to fail to the…

NEVER, AGAIN NEVER use a FQDN for the SharePoint 2010 SQL server name

I really cannot stress enough on this. Really do not do this; you will save yourself TONS of problems. You see I built a VM as a development VM for a project and when I was configuring SharePoint I said let me put the FQDN for the SQL server which was on the same VM….


Finally Editing a ListViewWebPart View

Finally I was able to edit a newly added ListViewWebPart view by code. I know there is a lot of blogs talking about this topic but I did not find one that is complete with all the bits and pieces so when I managed to do it I decided I have to put the full…


BizTalk Server 2010 Training – NOW AVAILABLE!

Great news all. Recently we have just released the BizTalk Server 2010 training kit (that includes labs and training videos) to help you learn about the new features of BizTalk Server 2010 can now be downloaded here. This is a free training kit. These labs are designed to be executed in a BizTalk Server 2010…


Booting from a VHD GOTCHAS

So I wanted to convert my virtual machine into a native boot, how hard can that be? Well because I am so lucky (maybe not!) I faced and done all the wrong steps and took all the bad turns. In this post I will concentrate more on the bad things I made and the problems…


Custom SharePoint Site Definition with Discussion list view

I have been trying to develop a new custom SharePoint site definition on SharePoint 2007 that would put a discussion list view web part on the home page of the created site. Now everything seemed to be working fine and list view was added to the home page but when you try to click on…