TCP CICS transactions integration and automated rollback

Introduction Integrating BizTalk applications with Mainframe programs can be done using many methods. One of the most convenient methods is to use the TCP CICS integration model using the standard listener TRM or enhanced listener ELM program link. Both these methods requires installation of a concurrent server (listener) on the Mainframe to handle TCP and…


Writing a custom HostApps ESB adapter provider to integrate ESB toolkit with a Mainframe

Adapter provider framework is how the ESB toolkit configures the off-ramps to send requests using dynamic send ports. An adapter provider is an implementation of the base abstract class BaseAdapterProvider. The adapter provider is simply a component that is executed as part of the send pipeline to add the required context properties on the message…


Using Host Integration Server COBOL Import Wizard

Introduction Host Integration Server allows application integration with the Mainframe system using the Transaction Integrator (TI) component. The method to implement this integration involves building what is called a TI assembly. TI Assembly is actually built using the definition of the interface between the Mainframe program and the definition of the input and output COM…


Host Integration Server 2013 TI Assembly GAC deployment Walkthrough

Introduction Host Integration Server (HIS) is used to integrate with Legacy Host technology. One of the Host integration scenarios is to call Mainframe programs or transactions using a component in HIS called Transaction Integrator (TI). The way to use TI is to create what is called a TI assembly and then use this to call…


SharePoint Provider Hosted App Walkthrough: Part 2 Dig deep

Introduction In the previous post here I showed how to write a new provider hosted App using a step by step process. In this post I will build up on that knowledge and show you the following: How to customize your provider hosted app so that you get information from the SharePoint site. (Such as…


Small tip: Where is the XSD Definition Tab in Visual Studio 2012 with Host Integration Server 2013

Today I faced an issue that took me some time to figure out with Host Integration Server 2013. Usually when you develop transaction Integration (or application integration) with BizTalk server you require XSD schemas to be able to perform mappings and send messages using a send port. With Host Integration Server and up to 2010…


Using an IIS hosted MEX endpoint with an in-process WCF receive location in BizTalk Server

Introduction Receiving messages and requests using WCF endpoints and receive locations is a very well-known practice that is used in many BizTalk integration projects. These WCF services can be either a published orchestration or using specific input and output schemas. In any of these there are two known messaging patterns that can be used either…


Integrating Apache ActiveMQ with BizTalk Server 2013 using WCF-WebHTTP adapter and REST API

Introduction In this blog post I will present a very simple solution to integrate with Apache ActiveMQ platform. Actually I got this question from a friend I could not believe how easy it is to integrate with this platform using the new BizTalk 2013 WCF-WebHTTP adapter. The adapter provides many features out of the box…


Creating an Active/Active SQL Cluster using Hyper-V: Part4 Configuration Revisited

In part 1of this series I showed you how to configure the virtual storage required for the cluster. In part 2 of this series I showed you how to configure two SQL instances on the created windows cluster. In part 3 I showed you how to configure these two SQL instances into an Active/Active configuration….


Solved: Nested and conditional parent and child Table Looping Functoid in BizTalk mapping

Introduction BizTalk mapping tool is a very powerful tool once you get the hang of it. Sometimes you would need to produce some structure in the output schema that did not exist in the source schema, the Table Looping functoid is built for this specific task. In some other cases you would need to generate…