Task Switcher on Steroids

Steve Butler turned me on to this nifty utility that replaces the stock Task Switcher functionality. I installed it on my laptop, and now the plain old Windows task switcher seems so, well — plain, that I’ve put it on all my other machines too. Pretty neat.


MSDN Forums Beta Launch

The MSCOM Community Team has launched a spiffy new way for the developer community to find answers to technical questions and communicate about MS development technologies. http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn/ Pretty neat stuff. The ability to register for notifications when a question you’ve asked has received an answer is really useful. There’s also integration with Whidbey Beta2 IDE so…

Jeff Prosise on ASP.net 2.0

Videos for several talks on ASP.net 2.0 given by Jeff Prosise have been posted to MSDN. He’s a great speaker, ASP.net has some really cool features, and they’re free. http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/support/multimedia/default.aspx [updated: URL corrected (thanks Aaron!). Going for more coffee now . . .]


PureText: a Handy Clipboard De-formatting Utility

I seem to spend a lot of time cutting text from web pages or Visual Studio and pasting it into email messages. Oftentimes this causes all manner of wierdness in Outlook 2003, especially when the email messages are formatted as rich HTML. I found a nifty utility which will remove most of the formatting information…


Upgrading Qwest DSL Line to DMT

I upgraded Badger Hall’s DSL line last week from CAP to DMT. Painless? No (this is Qwest, after all). Worthwhile? So far, definitely. The saga began with a line on my phone bill saying (in effect) “Upgrade your DSL to 1.5 Mb/sec for free.” OK, I like free. And we were capped at 684 Kb/sec. Spoke with customer service who…