Microsoft to Supply ECUs for Formula One (Sort Of)

I'm on my annual F1-oriented vacation and travelled to Indianapolis for the USGP again.  I'm a big fan of Kimi Raikkonen, so the USGP was a real dissapointment. We have great seats at turn one, which is where Juan Pablo Montoya took out Raikkonen (his McLaren teammate) on the first lap.

Interesting to see that Autosport is reporting that the FIA has chosen "Microsoft MES" as the official supplier of ECUs for Formula One starting in 2008. Exactly what/who is MES is subject to debate in the F1 press at this point, but Autosport sources report that it's McLaren Electronic Systems; a subsidiary of McLaren International reportedly unrelated to the McLaren Mercedes F1 team.

Where and how Microsoft fits into this I have no idea, but if anyone involved is reading this: can I come work for you? I'll move to Woking, no worries!

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