WSJ on Craigslist

File under “Goliath interviews David, Remains Incredulous.” Saturday’s Wall Street Journal has an interview with Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster. Brian Carney, the interviewer, seems distinctly ill-at-ease with the notion that Craigslist isn’t terribly interested in maximizing revenue. From the interview: “If Craigslist does what its users ask of it, and Craigslist doesn’t need or seem to…

MTPS ContentServices and MSDNMan

Craig Andera has been working with my team on a set of web services exposing MSDN2 content hosted by MTPS (our content publishing and rendering system) to SOAP clients. Yesterday at TechNet they pulled the wraps off and announced the public availability of these services. I think this is a pretty big deal; we’re opening up…


MSDN Aggregation System Article

An article I wrote for MSDN Magazine covering the metadata aggregation system my team developed has been published. Online version at This article builds on the talk I gave at VSLive in Febrary. Release of upgraded Related Articles functionality based on this system on MSDN2  is planned for later this month.