Honeynet Project Paper on Phishing Techniques

Another interesting paper from the Honeynet Project. This one relates their discoveries about the tools and techniques Phishers use to turn compromised servers into phishing support sites. Pretty scary how well organized these people are. http://www.honeynet.org/papers/phishing/ Via /.


“Imagine a large group of small unmanned autonomous aerial vehicles that can fly with the agility of a flock of starlings in a city square at dusk. Imagine linking their onboard computers together across a short-range, high-bandwidth wireless network and configuring them to form an enormous distributed parallel computer.” http://gridswarms.essex.ac.uk/index.html via /. One step closer…


vier vrijheid

5 May is the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from German occupation. The Dutch hold a Liberation Festival every May 4th & 5th to celebrate Freedom and to “reflect on the current meaning of freedom, democracy and justice.”   These are three terms which are so blunted by jingoistic overuse that I find the…