100 or so of us saw Bettie Serveert play the Crocodile in support of their new album "Attagirl" Tuesday night. Wow. These guys have always been great, and they keep getting better with every album and tour. They brought along their sampler/keyboard guy Martijn along this time and this really brought out the best in their Log 22 and Attaboy material. Peter Visser's cascading, swirling guitar work is always tremendous, and he didn't disappoint. I was blown away by the sound he managed to wring out of an unassuming Fender DeVille amp. Carol van Dyk's vocal work was haunting and dynamic and breathy as always, but her stage presence has become captivating to an almost dangerous degree.

I find it vexing that a band of this calibre isn't filling the < 300 seat Crocodile (even with pretty decent KEXP rotation) when a manufactured pop artifact generated by the market research arm of a Media Conglomorate in the bowels of some West Hollywood laboratory is selling out the 2807 seat Paramount across town.

They did an in-studio at KEXP the day of the show. You can catch it here for the next couple of weeks.

They're heading down the West Coast of the US now and then looping back to the Eastern Seaboard via Austin, Nashville, etc. Check their tour dates and go see them.

Updated: a very nice person I met at the show hooked me up with some photos he took:

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