PureText: a Handy Clipboard De-formatting Utility

I seem to spend a lot of time cutting text from web pages or Visual Studio and pasting it into email messages. Oftentimes this causes all manner of wierdness in Outlook 2003, especially when the email messages are formatted as rich HTML.

I found a nifty utility which will remove most of the formatting information from text in the clipboard so you can paste it as plain text. It's called PureText, it's free, and I find it very useful.

PureText puts an icon in your task tray which you can click to convert whatever is at the top of the clipboard stack into plain text, or you can configure a hotkey to do this and, optionally, paste the text wherever the active cursor sits.

You can get it from: http://www.stevemiller.net/puretext/

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  1. Steve Perry says:

    You may also be interested in yankee clipper (http://www.yankee-clipper.net/)

    It not only keeps track of all you clipboard entries, you can also conver an entry to to plain text.

  2. John Mollman says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve.

    In checking out the licensing terms for Yankee Clipper I discovered the following decidedly non-legalese "license" (the spirit of which seems particularly laudable):

    "FREEWARE- this software is free, and says ‘Freeware’ prominently. That is to keep you out of

    trouble with your boss. It’s not freeware, it’s Make_my_day_ware. What in the

    world is that? Well Make_my_day_ware is software you can do whatever you want

    with, with one condition: you have to do something for us. I knew it, you’re

    thinking, right? What do these two ugly guys want? We want you to do something

    for us- for example: you find a really neat website about ancient Egyptian dogs,

    tell us about in an e-mail and you’re "registered" under the concept of

    Make_my_day_ware. ( We actually could care less about ancient Egyptian dogs, but

    would probably get quite a chuckle out of it.)

    "Another way to ‘register’ your software is to go home and tell your spouse/child/friend/neighbor that you care about them. You don’t need to tell us that you did it, that’s not the point. The point is to do something to make our day nicer- or someone else’s. No fees or registration numbers, you will know if you are registered or not. On a more practical note, you could also register this software by sending us a big bag of money in the denomination of your choice. Hey, it was worth a try…"

    With a license like that surely worth a try, and I’ll do so.


  3. I am always running into this problem with copying from Word into a .NET Control that does rich text like FreeTextBox. I always have to paste into notepad and then into freetextbox. This might help that.

    I have found that if I copy from the web there is an extension in FireFox called Copy as Plain Text that will do that right from the browser.

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