The Really Important November Release

Have you ever felt like you were seriously out of touch? Like what was important to you wasn't important to those around you and vice versa? Like a walking anachronism?

Well I have. While everyone around me seems to have caught Halo Fever I've been quietly enjoying what is, to me, a far more significant November DVD release:

Yep, the epic movie capturing the Grateful Dead's October 1974 "farewell" run at the Winterland is finally out on DVD with much bonus material. Jerry's original surround mix (he did 5 channels in the mid 70's, when theatres had to be specially rigged with alternate sound systems to support such a thing) is now 5.1.

Where the original movie focused about equally on the Dead's performance and the various wierdnesses in and among the crowd, the bonus material is just about pure performance. A terrific document capturing these guys at the height of their Wall of Sound period.

This film was a staple of the Saturday Night Midnight Movie circuit when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure I saw every showing in St. Louis, MO from 1978 to 1984. Sure is a different experience to see this in one's own living room . . .


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