cleaning up older .net beta framework installations

I’ve been working with Visual Studio 2010 betas for a while now (it’s really great) and have gone through multiple upgrades of VS and the .Net runtime over the past few months. While working on a WCF REST service this week I started seeing assembly load errors when IIS was attempting to initialize my service…


Managing Internal Connection Strings in SQL CLR code during testing

One thing that’s somewhat painful about testing/debugging SqlClr application code is managing the connection strings used for internal DB calls inside the system. SqlClr has the notion of a “context connection” connection string which uses the same connection and execution context as that under which the SqlClr code is executing. We use this a lot…


Making Friends in the CLR

My boss and I were lamenting the lack of the “friend” declaration in the CLR languages like C# this week. We’re working on tightening up the Publishing API for the MTPS system (the publishing system behind and wanted to be able to restrict access to some utility library methods so that only the core…


Doc Watson: Nicest Man in Show Business?

Went with the family to see Doc Watson play at the Woodland Park Zoo last night. The zoo hosts concerts featuring some pretty great mid-level touring bands every summer on the North Meadow, and, since we live a block away, we go to most every show. It’s a really kid-friendly scene; I think my son Søren was…


Microsoft to Supply ECUs for Formula One (Sort Of)

I’m on my annual F1-oriented vacation and travelled to Indianapolis for the USGP again.  I’m a big fan of Kimi Raikkonen, so the USGP was a real dissapointment. We have great seats at turn one, which is where Juan Pablo Montoya took out Raikkonen (his McLaren teammate) on the first lap. Interesting to see that…


WSJ on Craigslist

File under “Goliath interviews David, Remains Incredulous.” Saturday’s Wall Street Journal has an interview with Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster. Brian Carney, the interviewer, seems distinctly ill-at-ease with the notion that Craigslist isn’t terribly interested in maximizing revenue. From the interview: “If Craigslist does what its users ask of it, and Craigslist doesn’t need or seem to…


MTPS ContentServices and MSDNMan

Craig Andera has been working with my team on a set of web services exposing MSDN2 content hosted by MTPS (our content publishing and rendering system) to SOAP clients. Yesterday at TechNet they pulled the wraps off and announced the public availability of these services. I think this is a pretty big deal; we’re opening up…


MSDN Aggregation System Article

An article I wrote for MSDN Magazine covering the metadata aggregation system my team developed has been published. Online version at This article builds on the talk I gave at VSLive in Febrary. Release of upgraded Related Articles functionality based on this system on MSDN2  is planned for later this month.


Jeff Tweedy at the Moore

It’s been a Wilco-oriented week. Followed up Monday’s Nels Cline show with a Jeff  Tweedy solo show last night. As an added bonus Wilco’s drummer Glenn Kotche opened and sat in for a few songs with Tweedy. Now you might be thinking A drummer opened? By himself? What was it, a 45 minute drum solo?…


VSLive Talk Resources

I promised to post links to some of the resources I mentioned in my talk at VSLive this week. Here they are: Presentation deck (.ppt) Presentation deck (.htm) Chris Brumme’s blog post on SQL Server’s hosting of the CLR MSDN2 docs on SQL CLR debugging Service Broker Dev Center on MSDN2 I’m awaiting legal clearance…