How to become an architect?

 About: This post is about the aspiring architect web cast series starting tomorow


Just wanted to remind everyone that the (technology-agnostic) web cast series focused on aspiring architects is starting tomorow.

Please point those in your organization that might be interested in the topic to the link above for registration. I will also post a detailed set of resources for aspiring architects next week.

For everyone that has been asking for blog posts on Web 2.0, I promise that a five part series will be posted in June so stay tuned and thank you for your patience 🙂

Best regards,


Comments (2)

  1. mykl says:

    Mohammad… any chance we can get the slide deck?— I’d like to reuse some of the material without retyping it…

  2. makif says:

    Sure, send me an email and I willl send you a pdf version. For future, please note that if the presenters allows sharing (which I did) then live meeting attendees can download the slides as a pdf by going to the file menu and selecting print to pdf during the web cast as well

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