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About: This is the seventh and last, in a series of posts about JavaOne 2006. This post contains some of the pictures taken at JavaOne 2006




Here are some of the pictures we took at JavaOne


1. Peter signing his book for J1 attendees, you can download his book free of charge at




2. Project Tango, interoperability between Java EE 5 and WCF, you can find more information about project Tango at




3. Arun (Sun) and Kryll (Microsoft), Tangoing at the MS party, you can find more information about project Tango at



4. Dino discussing interoperability strategies with a J1 attendee




5. Mohammad, Ani, Woody and Karri



6. Sam, Karri, Woody, Tanya, Ani, Kevin, Peter and Dino




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JavaOne Day 0:

JavaOne Day 1, Part 1/3:

JavaOne Day 1, Part 2/3:

JavaOne Day 1, Part 3/3:

JavaOne Day 2:

JavaOne Day 3;


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  1. El Chef says:

    I said I can waite for the new sytem thanks

    El Chef

  2. This is an exercise in Interoperability Flak-catching, while Microsoft continues to fall grieviously short on the major issues

  3. makif says:

    Hello Jacques,

    Thank you for commenting, I do not agree that project Tango or the Web Services initiatives and standards that Microsoft is leading and/or participating in can be written off as Flak-catching. The overwhelming majority of the Java One attendees were very interested and appreciative of the efforts being made by Sun and Microsoft as well as other vendors to improve interoperability between technologies.

    I spent the last ten years of my life architecting large and complex Java based solutions and am also very aware of the interoperability issues that exsist within implementations by various Java vendors and even within the implementation by the same vendor, however, I am optimistic about the interop developments in the last few years and and believe that the industry has turned a corner in terms of interoperability between .NET and Java and in terms of interoperability between Java implementations by various vendors. In my humble opinion project Tango is an important initiative in a growing movement towards imporved inter-op

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Mohammad,

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  5. makif says:

    Hello Vijay,

    Thank you for reaching out, I will discuss your project with my team as well to explore ideas about how we may be able to assist you in this noble goal

    Best regards,


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