Microsoft at JavaOne 2006, Day 3

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Here I am sitting at the San Francisco airport typing the blog post for Day 3 at JavaOne 2006 which I will post tomorrow. Yesterday, BEA presented a general session titled ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Java’, the title was interesting, unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the session itself. In my personal opinion, BEA is struggling to remain relevant amongst the Java vendors, the Java low-to-medium market seems to be moving towards open source implementations and .NET and the high-end customers, where BEA once held a commanding lead, are migrating from BEA to Oracle, IBM or .NET. I did not see anything from BEA that could be called an exciting competitive differentiator.


There were some interesting sessions on the J2ME side at JavaOne and I was impressed by some of the offerings and innovations happening on the device side. I think the next couple of years would be interesting in terms of the greater choices available to consumers from Microsoft and the Java side and who comes out as a winner.


We recorded a hilarious skit with the JavaOne TV crew that was collecting the ‘giveaways’ from every booth.  Over the course of three days we gave out a very large quantity of the Interoperability toolkit book by Simon Guest and the Interoperability patterns book by Peter Laudati (which Peter signed for the attendees). By the time the TV crew reached the Microsoft booth we had ran out of books, however, professing Microsoft’s focus on customer satisfaction and solving customer concerns I ‘gave away’ one of my colleagues at the booth, Woody Pewit as a ‘giveaway’ to the crew, we (sun and Microsoft crew) had a good laugh about it! The video of the skit will be posted on May 31st


Sun had organized a party where they had invited the mythbuster guys from the discovery channel and an AC/DC style band and although I could attend the party, I heard that people had a great time. Overall, I thought that JavaOne was fun and interesting; I think there are some interesting things happening on the device and the AJAX side and I am keen to follow the progress of project Tango as I believe that our customers really do care about interoperability and better interoperability between Microsoft and Java technologies will be good for a large number of customers.


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