Microsoft at JavaOne 2006 – Day 2

About: This is the fifth in a series of blog posts about JavaOne 2006, live from San Francisco. This post contains highlights of the keynote and events on Day 2




Day 2 at JavaOne has begun, I am sitting in the general session listening to Thomas Kurian, SVP Oracle deliver a keynote about Oracle’s plans for EJB 3.0, he mentioned that Oracle is very excited about JEE5, SOA and Web 2.0 and announced the donation of software components to the eclipse and glassfish project. The oracle team also showed Oracle’s offering in the SOA space, I found the demos to be interesting and well conducted. Some of the demonstration material and how a business person can change the process through a visual tool looked close to what I had seen in the SQL server 2005 launch demos last year (there is of course a big price difference between the two databases) and the We 2.0 demo comprised of a shopping cart application that used JSF based AJAX controls.


In terms of the technical sessions during the day, I felt that the hype surrounding AJAX in the industry in general and at JavaOne in particular is reaching irrational proportions; I am a big fan of AJAX and have been a big fan of the idea before it was called AJAX. However, I think in all the drag and drops and zoom ins and outs the issues associated with things like state management and the complexity of code are getting ignored, it reminds me of the early days of web services and SOA when you had vendors selling toolkits that generated a WSDL file and claimed to convert your legacy application to a service. I am hoping that some of the hype surrounding the idea will subside once people do actual POCs and the reality of the benefits and issues associated with this model will set-in.


The Java pavilion was a lot of fun, there is a booth where a lady is as dressed up as Trinity (from my favorite movie Matrix) and no she was not doing the air somersaults but the costume did generate traffic to the booth, BEA had two deal-or-no-deal girls walking around the pavilion, we applauded and cheered the only guy at JavaOne wearing a windows cap and gave him some extra free stuff. One of my favorite booths (beside Microsoft’s) was the Sun real time setup where they had a race track with 80 sensors that you could use to control a car through your code (speeding on the straight lines and slowing down at the curves). I also enjoyed freshly baked cookies from the Oracle booth and we had a good laugh at the Microsoft booth about Oracle blaming us for loosing their cookies and sessions (get it? Cookies and sessions? Okay, yes that is a very geeky line). I also sat through a very cheesy 6 minute presentation at a booth where a paid actor who clearly had no idea about what he was presenting was marketing a portfolio solution in a very animated manner… and yes I will admit it, I sat through that for a T-shirt L and while I am in a mood for confessions, I did get my free picture taken with the Duke and no I do not plan to post it on my blog, Microsoft has been awesome in terms of allowing us to blog freely and independently but I do not want to test the limits J


Yesterday was the party night at JavaOne, I really enjoyed talking to Arun from Sun who is working with Microsoft for Project tango ( , you can read his blog at where he will posting the slide deck from project tango that discusses interoperability between WCF and JEE5, you can also see the picture of the two key players from the project Tango, Arun from Sun and Kryll from Microsoft tangoing with each other at . We also had attendees from Google, Oracle, Sun, DeveloperZone and other companies at the Microsoft party; I will be posting the pictures soon. 


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