Microsoft at Javaone 2006 – Day 1 – Part 1/3

About: This is the second in a series of blog posts about JavaOne 2006, live from San Francisco. This post contains the highlights of morning of Day 1 including the opening keynote by Jonathan Schwartz, President and CEO of Sun Microsystems (or as he called himself ‘the number one Java evangelist’)




I am sitting in the general session hall at JavaOne right now waiting for the keynote to start, I am connected to a wireless network so I should be able to post the highlights of the Day 1 morning in almost real time.


If the breakfast was any indication, the conference is bound to be interesting.  The people sharing table exchanged greeting, then one of them made a shrieking sound looking at the Microsoft, Visual Studio 2005 logo on my shirt and asked why would I wear a Microsoft shirt at the JavaOne?, “but I work for Microsoft” … ‘yeah sure’ (followed by a big laugh), “no seriously, here is my card”, after reviewing it closely he believed me and advised me to keep a low profile and sit at the last row in every session, ‘don’t worry, I am wearing a duke t-shirt underneath as a life saving device… if things go really nasty”, he nodded seriously and then realizing it was a joke laughed again. I told them that I focus on interoperability ‘I am from Microsoft and I come in peace, take me to your leader’, after that, we spent an interesting hour on interoperability and integration between the two technologies.


Okay back to the keynote, right now it is 8:38 a.m., the start time for the session was 8:30 a.m. so I am assuming it will start soon, there is a live band on the stage right now, in traditional South African clothing playing fabulous tunes and singing great songs, it will be hard to top their performance but Jonathan is an excellent speaker so I am sure that it will be a great keynote.


Right now, John Gage, chief research officer for Sun and official host of JavaOne has come onstage and taking care of housekeeping items, I liked the ‘JavaOne today’ newspaper that was distributed to all attendees and helped us get through a line of several thousand people that wanted to get in to the general sessions, it provided useful information about the conference and contained interesting information.


8:50 a.m., the keynote has started; Jonathan Schwartz mentioned that he has gotten a promotion, that he was some what tired of being the ‘number 2 java evangelist’ and now he is the ‘number 1 java evangelist’. He announced a try and buy program for hardware which he called ‘downloading free hardware’ from Sun’s site. He invited Ed Zander of Motorola who used to work at Sun before, Ed talked about Motorola’s new products and programs and Jonathan mentioned that with 200 million devices just from Motorola, the mobile industry is huge and getting bigger than ever.


9:08 a.m., Marc Fleury, the CEO of JBOSS is on the stage, they are joking about a ‘corporate transaction they can’t talk about’, which is a reference to the JBOSS, Red Hat Linux deal. Marc is actually wearing a red hat and is joking about being confused about the new company being called ‘Red Boss’ or “J Hat”. Marc just announced a closer integration between ‘JBoss and Net beans’ that he cannot really talk about and Jonathan, presented Marc with a ‘I love net beans’ t-shirt”.


9:10 a.m., Jonathan announced that one of his first acts as the CEO was to invite Rich Green back to work at Sun, Jonathan is asking Rich (now an EVP at Sun) about his views on open source and Rich gave a diplomatic answer about striking a balance. Jonathan finished the conversation by stating that ‘it is not a matter of whether we will open source Java but of how will we do it”


9:20 a.m. Representatives from a number of companies, who were part of the Java EE 5 were invited on the stage, they were all holding signs of their respective companies, when Rich asked them what is really important about Java, they all turned the sign and together it read ‘compatibility matters’.


9:30 a.m. Jeff Jackson, SVP of Java came on the stage, he mentioned that results of the surveys show that compatibility, platform independence and availability of resources are the most valued things and that Sun intends to preserve these in upcoming releases. He also described the various features of Java EE 5 including the features around .NET interoperability, EJOB 3.0 and POJO support and lesser memory footprint.


9:35 a.m. Jeff and someone from Sun demonstrated net beans and how to develop a comment box for a blogging application, and showed that the code was simpler to understand. Personally, I am really disappointed by the demonstration, the demos at the java developer days were much better and displayed the new features in an impact full manner, the demo shown at JavaOne was somewhat rudimentary, it showed how to add a comment and name box to a blog, with a short glitch, they were able to get the box added, but it did not really impressed the audience (or me) which was evident by a very lukewarm applause.


9:40: a.m. Jeff just announced that Java Message System (JMS) will be donated to the open source community today and provided information about community participation.


9:45 a.m. Two engineers from Sun showed how to build an Ajax based application using the Sun Studio creator, the demonstration was really cool and showed how to search for ‘beer places’, it showed how the tool can help in developing Ajax based applications. (for those who do not know what AJAX is, checkout my serious on Ajax at Then they showed the next generation of the Java Pet store (yes its back again) which is based on Ajax and showed a rich and interactive Web version of pet store.


9:50: Jeff annouced that creator will be donated to the open source community soon and Sun has also donated a number of Net  Beans utility already.


The Microsoft booth opens at 11:00 a.m., I will post another entry later today with the remaining information about the key note, and other highlights of the day, stay tuned


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  1. About: This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about JavaOne 2006, live from San Francisco. This…

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  3. San Francisco , California . That’s where I was all of last week. And what, pray tell, was I doing there

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