Microsoft at JavaOne 2006 – Day 0

About: This is the first in a series of blog posts about JavaOne 2006, live from San Francisco.




I have landed in the beautiful city of San Francisco and am writing this from my hotel near the great union square. The sound of Jazz is filling the air, I can hear the distinct sounds of San Francisco municipal railway and can overhear conversations in a wide variety of languages, I can also smell the aroma of various cuisines in the air and notice people wearing badges of the various conventions they are attending, yes I am definitely in San Francisco. For those of you, who have not visit SF, it is a city where you will probably find more geeks per square feet than any where else, where you will see experimental vehicles, where you will notice logos of every technology company and people from every part of the world. It is also a city where the homeless people and poverty exists alongside the great technological progress.  In many ways I find SF to be somewhat representative of the digital divide, the city is a testimony of what we as a society have been able to achieve, and what we have unfortunately been unable to resolve because of lack of will . Anyways, let us get back to JavaOne 2006.


The flight from Toronto was full of JavaOne attendees, you could hear words like ‘JDK’ , ‘.NET’, ‘parallel computing’, ‘modem’, ‘gigabytes’, ‘storage’, ‘trojan’ and others that filled me with a sense of belonging, the plane was full of people of our specie. In the row in front of me a gentlemen from a J2EE consulting company was arguing with his neighbor about how Java is destined to diminish Microsoft, the neighbor was not buying the arguments. I contemplated joining the discussion, but decided to be a silent observer. The flight was generally, uneventful, the low point for me was getting told by the flight attendant that I will have to ‘buy’ the pillow, before I could recover from the shock she told me that I will also have to blow it up myself, I declined politely, and dived again in my book about computer security.


The only other interesting event was the food distribution, by the time the buy-your-snack tray reached row 15, they only had one chicken sandwich left and four people asking for it in the immediate vicinity, my what-I-thought-was-a-great-idea to help them auction the last meal was met with a very stern expression and I shut up immediately, the last thing I needed was to get reported to a federal marshal for misbehaving! (not a pretty scenario for anyone, but especially not for someone with my first name).


At the hotel, I was given the shuttle service schedule with ‘the POWER of JAVA’ logo on it, I have decided to walk the four blocks to Moscone Center.


I am looking forward to listening to the sessions, talking with the attendees at the Microsoft booth, attending the various parties and meeting my friends at the ‘ex-Sun-Java-Center-personnel’ reunion. It is bound to be an eventful week and I promise that my future posts will contain useful information, so stay tuned and drop-by at the Microsoft booth to say hello


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  1. About: This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about JavaOne 2006, live from San Francisco. This…

  2. San Francisco , California . That’s where I was all of last week. And what, pray tell, was I doing there

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