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Reflector Visual Studio Extension – Enable Debugging

I’ve been using the standalone Reflector.exe for so many years now, and recently I’ve been using JustDecompile too. They have different accuracy levels and different set of distinguishing features, but the one I use in VS is Reflector. I was excited about a feature in the Visual Studio extension, I had to blog about it!… Read more

DefaultNetworkCredentials in Windows Store Apps

Disclaimer: I’m still getting acquainted with Windows Store Apps, so I could be totally wrong; proceed with caution. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and it’s 4 AM right now, this may give you an idea why I had to get this out. Hopefully I may save poor souls that… Read more

Visual GCRoot via DGML

I was inspired by Lovett‘s post about Visualizing Runtime Object Graphs to create my first debugger extension that takes the output of !gcroot and creates a graph that one can interact with easily in Visual Studio 2010. So, what does my extension do? !vgcroot –? !vgcroot [/nostacks] [/do] <Object address> [<DGML output file>]   /nostacks… Read more

How to: Debug Deadlocks Using Windbg?

Attach the debugger to the process Load SOS ~* e !clrstack to view the CLR stack of all the threads and where they are Look for System.Threading.Monitor.Enter(System.Object) in the top frames Load SOSEX.dll from !dlk to detect deadlocks. The output looks like the following: Deadlock detected: CLR thread 5 holds sync block 0018f05c OBJ:010d909c[Microsoft.Sample.SampleEvent]… Read more