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How to: Use Locks and Prevent Deadlocks?

Multi-threading is used in almost all real-life applications. I summed up my thoughts on use of locks and deadlock prevention in the following related topics: Thread Safety From a thread safety perspective, resources (memory) is classified as either thread-exclusive, read-only, or lock-protected. Unsafe use Accessing static variables or heap-allocated memory after it is published (made… Read more

How to: Debug Deadlocks Using Windbg?

Attach the debugger to the process Load SOS ~* e !clrstack to view the CLR stack of all the threads and where they are Look for System.Threading.Monitor.Enter(System.Object) in the top frames Load SOSEX.dll from !dlk to detect deadlocks. The output looks like the following: Deadlock detected: CLR thread 5 holds sync block 0018f05c OBJ:010d909c[Microsoft.Sample.SampleEvent]… Read more