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How to: Move Your Workspace to Another Drive?

A common problem occurs when the drive that contains your workspaces runs out of disk space, or when you find yourself in a situation that you have to move your workspace to another drive. This might get tricky because your workspace mappings are stored on the server side. TFS knows about the local path and version of the items you have on disk, hence you can’t change the drive letter without telling the server that you did so. The easy way out is to maintain the same drive letter after you move the workspace to the new drive. Simply change the drive letter to the one used in the mappings, you can use compmgmt.msc (Computer Management) to accomplish that. If you can’t change the drive letter, for example if it’s the system drive, you can tell NTFS to link the old path of the root folder of your workspace to the new one using a junction. To create an NTFS junction point, you can download junction.exe and run:

junction <junction directory> <junction target>