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How to: Find Distinct Changes by User?

You can find changesets if you open Source Control Explorer and hit Ctrl+G or choose Edit > Go to…


However, this shows changesets with no details, you have to double click it first. If you want to see detailed info all at once, you can use the command-line:

tf hist /i /r /format:detailed /u:Adam itemSpec

This shows all details for all changesets made by Adam that contains any item in the tree specified in the command. To list changes only, you can pipe the output to find “$/”:

tf hist /i /r /format:detailed /u:Adam itemSpec | find “$/”

This will show the changes but they might contain duplicates, to generate a unique list, you can run:

FOR /F “tokens=*” %i IN (‘tf hist /i /r /format:detailed /u:Adam itemSpec ^| find “$/” ^| sort’) DO @find “%i” < out.txt > NUL || @echo %i >> out.txt