MohamedG's Log



Here’s a walkthrough to setup TFS with HTTPS. There are some tips that you may find useful:

  • You may want to avoid using common port numbers like 444 and 445 for TFS website and WSS admin website as other websites may be using them already
  • You may want to configure the SSL port for the default website to 443 if you are running Reporting Server 2005
  • You may want to create an alternative access mappings for WSS before you require SSL for the WSS Admin website. Failure to do so will lock you out and you won’t be able to access the WSS Admin website
  • You may want to change the order you do things in the walkthrough so that the last thing to do is check "Require Secure Channel (SSL)" for the default website, TFS website, and WSS Admin website
  • You may want to check this known issue with TfsAdminUtil ConfigureConnections
  • You may want to check how to set up TFS to require client certificates