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TFS 2008 SP1

Along with VS, VSTS, and .NET 3.5 SP1, TFS 2008 is here. Please read the details about SP1 in Brian Harry’s post: VS/VSTS/TFS/.NET 3.5 SP1 is shipping! Here are the download links: Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions with Service Pack 1 (Bootstrappers) Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions with Service Pack 1 (iso) Visual Studio 2008… Read more

Alerts Editor

This July, TFS Power Tools introduce new features, one of which is the Alerts Editor. You can read all about the new features here:… Read more

TFS Event Subscription Tool

You can subscribe to get email alerts when certain events occur in a Team Project using Project Alerts. There’s another way to subscribe to Team Project events and to configure the subscription too, it’s bissubscribe.exe, which can be found on the Team Foundation Server. A GUI tool is also available to do that, it’s called… Read more

How to: Show deleted item in Source Control Explorer?

You can use the /deleted switch with tf dir to list deleted items along with existent items. To undelete an item, you need to know its deletion ID, which will be a number preceded by X, for example: tf undelete $/proj/foo/bar.cs;X1234 To show deleted items in Source Control Explorer, you need to make sure you’ve… Read more

Using the /version argument

Whenever you need to specify the version for an item, you can use /version or /v. By default, it takes a changeset id, so don’t use the C prefix with it. You can use L, D, or W if you want to specify a label, date, or workspace version respectively. There’s another way to do… Read more

How to: Label items in a changeset using tf label?

We can specify the versionspec to tf label either by supplying the /v or /version argument (for example, /v:C1256), or by appending it to the itemspec (for example, foo.cs;C1256). Here’s an example that attaches the “goodbuild” label to version 1256 of $/proj/foo.cs: tf label goodbuild /v:1256 $/proj/foo.cs What about labeling all items in a certain… Read more

Exclude file from source control

When you need to exclude a file in a project from source control, you can select that file in the Solution Explorer window, then go to File > Source Control > Exclude [filename] from Source Control. A red icon should appear to the left of that file in the Solution Explorer window to tell you… Read more