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File System Limits

When you create a file or a folder, do you check that the full path is not too long?! Make sure that you handle the PathTooLongException:     Try to exceed the maximim lenght on Windows, and you’ll get this error:     Here are some limits in Windows APIs that you should know about:   #define MAX_PATH 260… Read more


As the feature’s name suggests, you can have shelves of your code set aside the same way you use real shelves. In a library, when you shelve a book to read another or to write a paper, others now can read it. The difference in source control is that it allows more than one person… Read more


It’s an economic need to develop international software as you need to reach as many customers as possible all over the world. Let’s tackle a simple scenario, imagine that you will develop an application that has a bilingual UI: English and Arabic. It’s very easy to develop everything in English, but what about Arabic? When… Read more

Code Churn

Lines of code that are added, removed, or changed from a build to another are referred to as churned. Code churn is a good measure to quantify the amount of change in your project. When you use team foundation to build your project, code coverage will calculate for you the number of lines churned. IMO, the bigger the… Read more

Source Control Workspaces

Do you usually need to keep multiple copies of your sources, for instance, different versions, copies to test, your mates’ code, or what have you? You’ll need to use workspaces. A workspace is self-explanatory; it’s a space that contains your work. A workspace is yours; it’s a client-side copy of the items stored on the… Read more

First step

This is my first post, and these days are my first days at Microsoft. So, let’s start together to learn more about the product I’m working on: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (VSTFS). We have a lot of great features and I was lucky enough to use this product back home in Egypt. To learn what’s VSTFS, allow me to borrow… Read more