SharePoint 2013 Preview Deployment – Failed to create the configuration database

On deploying 2013 on SQL Server 2012, you might get an error when running the configuration wizard to create the SharePoint farm:

“Configuration Failed.”

“Failed to create the configuration database”

“An exception was thrown: This SQL Server instance does not have the required “maxdegree of parallelism” setting of 1”


This can be resolved as follows:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right Click on your SQL instance and select Properties
  3. Select “Advanced” and change “Max Degree of Parallelism” from 0 to 1

Comments (4)

  1. mel says:

    Did not work for me: My "max degree of parallelism" was already set at "1".

  2. Kadut says:

    Didnt work for me either. Same as mel, it was already set to 1

  3. zuber says:

    not for me also.i have set it to one,same error

  4. chris says:

    It dosen't work on 2014 sql server.

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