MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 SDK’s released

The MOSS 2007 SDK includes the WSS 3.0 SDK, so you don’t need to download both if you are going to download the MOSS 2007 SDK. Here are the links: SharePoint Server 2007 SDK: Software Development Kit and Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Software Development Kit (SDK)  


ISA 2006 – SharePoint Publishing Wizard

I was recently made aware of the new SharePoint publishing wizard in ISA 2006, which essentially allows you to easily and securely expose your SharePoint implementation to the internet / extranet. It also supports forms based authentication and SSO between other web applications sitting behind the ISA 2006 Server(s) e.g. Outlook Web Access. View Technical Article…


SharePoint Services and App Pool Account Permissions

Firstly Daniel McPherson has contacted me and we seem to be talking again. Since moving to his “new” role he has become very distant, probably because he is spending so much time doing excellent work with our partners and customers. He of course has also been a big influence in the content of this blog….


How to add presence/pawn to SharePoint contacts list

I have often been asked to add the presence icon and functionality to custom developed web parts or SharePoint pages. As you are probably aware this is a very simple thing to do, the secrect lies in calling the IMNRC jscript function passing in an email address in the rendered html. e.g. IMNRC(‘’). You don’t really need to…


Web part caching options, how to choose

I don’t think there is a default answer to which caching technique you should use for your custom web parts. However it is important to understand the differences between using the ASP .Net cache object, the Web Part cache memory and database stores and the Caching Application Block found in the Enterprise Library.   There…