Most common issue with SharePoint installations – service account misuse

It is frightening to see how many SharePoint installations have been installed with wrong service accounts. Either people are using the default domain administrator or local machine administrator for all service accounts, or they are creating a single service account for everything and in many cases giving it WAY too many rights. SharePoint 2007 has…

9 and go live on MOSS 2007

Both of these web sites (developed by local partner Intervate) have gone live using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). When you have a chance, hope on over and take a look. Once, again these have been updated on for a complete reference of local SA sites on MOSS.


Durban FIFA World Cup 2010 Host City Web Site Launches on MOSS 2007

Featuring Microsoft Silverlight and MOSS 2007, Durban’s official FIFA World Cup Host City web site has launched. Local South African partner AdaptIT has done an excellent job in assembling this great looking web site. This has been added to the SA showcase of MOSS internet sites. Michael


Using with MOSS 2007

“ provides you with easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries to make your web sites and web applications fly” – I was assembling an internal web site on MOSS 2007 and found that had some funky effects that I wanted to use, so the task was then to see if I could get…


PPT and Resources from SA MOSS Bootcamp

Hi Fellow South African Citizens, We held a great MOSS bootcamp last week and I promised that I would share the presentations and associated resources from the event. Below are links to presentations from each day, look for the associated resources references in the notes section of each slide. Day 1 Day 2 For those…


Gartner “SharePoint Related” Magic Quadrants Updated for 2008

Gartner have released 3 updated Magic Quadrant reports which relate to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Specifically they have released the 2008 versions of: Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology You can find links to the reports at the Analyst Relations section on Microsoft’s…


Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) proposed standard announced

Today, EMC, IBM and Microsoft (along with other leading ECM industry vendors Alfresco, Open Text, Oracle and SAP) announced a jointly developed specification called the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification. CMIS uses Web Services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable applications to interoperate with multiple Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories by different vendors. The…

1 Launches updated site on MOSS 2007

Partner AquaOnline have done a simply stunning job implementing MTN’s public internet site on MOSS 2007. The site looks really good and blends in nicely with all their other online solutions. Once again we have added this site to the showcase link on

2 is hosted on MOSS 2007

Microsoft partner IQ Business Group has developed and launched on MOSS 2007. NewFunds is a joint initiative between Absa Capital and Vunani Capital around Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). That acronym means the same to me as TCP/IP means to the people who understand ETF’s. Anyway, the site looks pretty good.  


Citadel launch refreshed internet site on MOSS 2007

South African Microsoft partner bSolve has recently launched Citadel’s internet facing web site on MOSS 2007. This looks really impressive and this adds to the list of South African public internet sites hosted on MOSS 2007. The updated list of SA internet web sites on MOSS is below: Built by AquaOnline Mutual & Federal -…