Metro UI for SharePoint Online Sites–Master Page Solution from CodePlex

Just downloaded the sandbox solution from CodePlex and it gave my SharePoint sites in Office 365 a funky new Metro look and feel. Give it a visit, I am convinced you will like it. Download here Oh, and yes, it will work with your on-premise SharePoint sites too.


Exchange Online Bandwidth Calculator Beta Released

Thanks to some very hard working MS employees for working on this awesome tool for many months and now releasing to the web for testing. This tool is extremely useful to South African organisations, as it allows you to calculate how much bandwidth is required to run your organisation’s email requirements against Exchange Online (Office…


New free tool to import PSTs into O365 (Exchange Online)

Exchange Online allows you to move mailboxes from your on-premise Exchange implementation into Exchange Online (and visa-versa), but it doesn’t have a feature to import those PST files sitting on your user’s PCs into Exchange Online. Well, not until last week anyway, when Microsoft released a PST import tool which is designed to do just…


Refocusing on Office 365 in South Africa

As you may have noticed, my regular SharePoint articles, have not been regular at all. Over the past few months, I have been refocusing my time on Office 365 for South Africa. Going forward my posts will contain SharePoint content, but mostly for SharePoint Online (a service within Office 365) as well as Exchange Online,…