and go live on MOSS 2007

Both of these web sites (developed by local partner Intervate) have gone live using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). When you have a chance, hope on over and take a look.

Once, again these have been updated on for a complete reference of local SA sites on MOSS.

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  1. D. Solanki says:


    I recently received an sms that gave me a free entry to your slots tournament. I called your call centre but for some reason or other, I could not get through.

    So, I went to the counter (at Montecasino) and the gentleman could not help me with the free entry.

    I eventually paid R50 to enter. I just find it strange that the person at the counter cannot help with a situation of this nature. Surely, if you send me an invite,  the personel at the premises should be able to accomodate / help the client.

    I asked the gentleman if Montecasino would refund the R50-00 and he wasn't too sure if this was possible.

    In conclusion,  it's not the R50-00 , just the principle.


    Dinesh Solanki

    card number 60198

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