Gartner “SharePoint Related” Magic Quadrants Updated for 2008

Gartner have released 3 updated Magic Quadrant reports which relate to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Specifically they have released the 2008 versions of:

  1. Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products
  2. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management
  3. Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology

You can find links to the reports at the Analyst Relations section on Microsoft’s web site. Microsoft are in the leaders quadrant for all 3 of these reports. If you have been tracking these over the past years, you will have noticed a consistent move towards the top right hand corner each year. This years results really show the strength of the Microsoft platform in each of these cases, by leaping over many of their traditional competitors in each of these capability areas.

There are a few more to follow shortly, and I expect more great news when those arrive. Watch this space!

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