Fast ESP Web Parts for SharePoint Released

FAST has released a set of installable Web parts (Web parts are reusable UI components for building SharePoint sites) for quickly integrating FAST ESP with SharePoint Server 2007. These Web parts allow SharePoint administrators to build ESP-based search sites inside SharePoint Server 2007 by simply dropping in and configuring the appropriate components.

The web parts not been released through a formal channel, but are rather available through a CodePlex project, which can be accessed here

This is the first step in technically integrating this high-end Fast ESP product (which Microsoft recently acquired as part of the company Fast acquisition) with SharePoint. In future blog posts we will detail information on Fast ESP and it's positioning with the rest of the Microsoft Enterprise Search offerings.

The following components have been released through the CodePlex project:

  1. Search Box - Web part that supports creation of a search box for query term submission
  2. Result List - Web part that displays search results and supports sorting, pagination, and navigator-based filtering
  3. Navigators - Web part for displaying dynamic navigators that profile search results across a set of pre-defined dimensions and allow users to refine the search through navigation clicks
  4. Breadcrumb - Web part for displaying the search term(s) and list of navigators used to obtain the current result set
  5. Search Site Template – Template for linking together the various Web parts to build a complete search site in one step


Happy Playing...if you know Fast ESP and SharePoint 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Andy says:

    I’m looking for some explanation on how these ESP Webparts are developed. Checked at and got some inputs but would appreciate if someone provides detailed understanding of how codeplex esp webparts work.

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