SA IW Community Kicks Off…aRoundaTable

On Wednesday we held the first IW Community meeting, which was a great success. In fact in some cases even emotional, a couple of the community members even shed tears!!

In this post I am jotting down and pointing you some of things you missed if you didn't attend and the decisions made in regards to future meetings.

  1. Andre started off the meeting with a session on SharePoint and PowerShell. Wow!! I didn't even realise some of these things were possible, step aside console applications developed for administrators and step in POWERSHELL. Andre has already blogged about the session and has linked to all the resources demonstrated. Thanks Andre, great session.
  2. Suliman then surprised us all by walking into the session with a Microsoft RoundTable device, the first official one in the country. Many questions arose around this Star Trek like gadget, but most just wanted to know if we could have it as a give-away in future sessions. (no answer on that yet).
  3. Doug showed us a live example of Faceted Search from CodePlex, which gives you drill down search functionality inside of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) or Microsoft Search Server (MSS) 2008. Lovely work Doug.

All the resources from the meeting will shortly be uploaded to the Information Worker site in the downloads section.

We discussed the format for future sessions, timing, dates and more and decided upon the following:

  1. IW Community meetings will be held once a month, on the Wednesday closest to the middle of the month
  2. They will start at 4pm (well 3:30 for registration) and will last for about 1hr 30mins...with snacks, drinks and socialising afterwards (maybe some emotion too)
  3. We will have 2 topics presented per meeting and then have discussion time where we can share "stuff" and ask questions...about anything!
  4. The meetings will alternate monthly between deep technical level (300 and 400) and power user / business focused (100 and 200)
  5. The next meeting is on the 16 July 2008 and we be a 100 / 200 level session and we have volunteers presenting on:
    1. Reviewing a SharePoint project on CodePlex - the exact one hasn't been determined yet
    2. SharePoint Designer Tips and Tricks - well something like that


We have also created a section on where you can see potential future meeting session topics, which you can add your own requests to.


Please do this, so we can see what people are wanting to see, in the physical meetings we can vote on the next meetings topics.


I think that is all for now,

(See you at the next IW Community meeting)


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