Download SP1 for MOSS, WSS 3.0 and Office 2007 Now

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SharePoint End-User Training Released

This is a great new resource to download and either install on a user’s desktop or in you SharePoint environment for all users to access. It includes videos, tutorials, articles and more. Download it now


WPF Application to Aggregate Search Results from the Desktop, Internet and Intranet

Wow, it looks pretty cool and it’s practical. This Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application from Ergo is a single application which allows you to view search results from multiple federated locations e.g. Desktop Search, MOSS Search and even your favourite Internet search engine. Download the beta and give it a go.


MOSS Internet Sites in South Africa

Today I heard of some more live Internet facing sites in South Africa built on MOSS 2007. Built by AquaOnline Mutual & Federal – Sun International – Built by 3Fifteen Their own web site –  Built by i5 Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) – If you know of any more let…


Great SharePoint Designer Workflow How To’s, Tips and Tricks

There are some great new articles on the SharePoint Designer team blog which are really useful if you are new to SharePoint Designer workflows, or are looking for some cool workflow tips and tricks. Check it out


Download Microsoft Office Project Portfolio 2007 Server Trial

"Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 is a top-down portfolio management solution that helps your organization realize its potential by identifying, selecting, and delivering a set of investments that best align with your business strategy" Download the 180 day trial from here


Microsoft Search Server 2008 Announced!!

I will update this blog post with more detail a little later, but for now it is important to share the news. Microsoft have announced: Microsoft Search Server 2008 – new version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for Search, but a far better product with several cool new features e.g. federated search!! View Full Article…


SharePoint Pedia has Gone Live

Check it out at, looks pretty cool. Another awesome example of a solution built on MOSS.


Facebook and Microsoft Expand Strategic Alliance

"Two companies expand advertising deal to cover international markets, Microsoft to take equity stake in Facebook" For the full press release have a look here:


Development Features for the Windows Live Platform

Wow, I was sent this table of development "modules" for the Windows Live platform, I didn’t realize it was so long. Looks good hey!! Windows Live Contacts Control The Contacts Control allows a web site to benefit from Windows Live contacts, but leaves control of the contact data with the user: It allows the user…