Build a Practice to help customer realize a Modern Workplace

Here are a set of sessions to get your started on building a practice to help customers realize a Modern Workplace

  1. Microsoft 365 Virtual Partner Summit 

    Learn from experts across marketing and engineering as they unveil exciting news that will help you take advantage of the Microsoft 365 opportunity.

    Get a firsthand look at what resources and tools are coming your way to help you skill up and drive success with your customers.


    • The Microsoft 365 Opportunity
    • Microsoft 365 powered device
    • Security and Compliance
    • Collaboration
    • Intelligent Communication
    • Microsoft 365 Industry Solutions
    • Firstline Workers
    • Microsoft 365 Business
    • FastTrack + Partners

    2. Introducing the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Partner Playbook

    Whether you're a new or existing Microsoft 365 Collaboration partner, this webinar will give you the basics for building your Collaboration practice based on the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Sales formula leading with Microsoft Teams. Topics include the Partner Opportunity, Universal Toolkit, Customer Value and new Practice scenarios. By understanding the new opportunity, scenarios and available tools, you can help customers reimagine collaboration and realize their digital transformation ambitions

    3. Help your Customers with their GDPR Compliance Efforts

    GDPR is a great conversation starter. Get started by offering an assessment of an organization's GDPR readiness. Microsoft offers partners a set of tools that make it easier to engage with customers and gain valuable insights about their current environment. Learn how to engage with customers and provide actionable guidance to help them simplify their GDPR compliance efforts

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