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Welcome to the Modern Workplace - Partner Readiness.

The attempt here is to collate key readiness information around the Modern Workplace Solution Area and make it readily available to partners serving our customer base especially our large partners serving enterprise customers.

The Modern Workplace Solution Area could be thought of as comprising of the following solution/practice area and each practice could be thought of having practice building blocks as outlined below:

  1. Teamwork (Collaboration): Microsoft 365 Collaboration Partner Playbook
    1. Modern Collaboration and effective Teamwork
    2. Employee Engagement and Empowerment
    3. First line Workers
  2. Microsoft 365 Powered Devices (Modern Desktop): Microsoft 365 Powered Device Partner Playbook
    1. Modern Desktop Deployment
    2. Modern Desktop Managed Services
  3. Security and Compliance: Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Enterprise Partner Playbook
    1. Control and protect information
    2. Regulatory compliance
    3. Proactive attack detection and prevention
  4. Cloud Voice
    1. Modern Meetings with PSTN dial-in
    2. Cloud PBX enablement

Partners striving to enable a Modern Workplace for their customers should be thinking of building a Practice and/or a Solution in one or more of the above area.

This purpose of this site is to collate the key information available across various resources and make it available in a timely fashion such that it becomes easier to become aware of and utilize the relevant resources to skill themselves, their teams and organizations.

Please check out the resources via the menu above and make best use of them. These pages would be updated periodically so do come back and check them out periodically:

Accreditations - This covers the key exams and certifications related to this area of Modern Workplace (Last updated: 4th December 2017)

Core Course Catalog - This covers some key on demand courses that one could take to skill up oneself (Last Updated: 23rd May 2018)

Events Catalog - This lists in-person and online events across the globe (Last Updated: 10th May 2018)

URLs - Some key links to programs, assets, websites (Last Updated: 3rd December 2017)

Posts - Blogs about information & insights (Last Post: 16th May 2018)

Hope you find this useful


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