Update on SQL Server Modeling CTP (Repository/Modeling Services, "Quadrant" and "M")

In October 2007, Microsoft introduced “Oslo” as the codename for a set of technical investments to apply model-driven principles to building applications and services. Since that announcement, many of those investments have shipped in products such as the .NET Framework, Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure AppFabric. This note is an update on the three…

Data + XML + “Oslo” = “It’s All Data” (the new Data Developer Center)

For those who have been frequenting http://msdn.com/oslo, you’ll find as of this morning that you’ll end up now on http://msdn.com/data. That’s because we’ve just finished merging the Data and “Oslo” Developer Centers (along with the XML DevCenter, which was brought into Data in October). All the details are in my post on the Data blog….