First Modeling Sessions Posted for PDC’09

Data Programming and Modeling for the Microsoft .NET Developer, by Don Box and Chris Anderson. Watch the Modeling sessions page for more as they’re posted. PDC home page is


What’s So Compelling about "Quadrant" Anyway?

By Michael Murray, Senior Program Manager(Edited November 17, 2009, to reflect the renaming of “Oslo” to SQL Server Modeling) Microsoft code name “Quadrant” is a ‘tool for viewing and editing SQL data,’ but… so what? There are many tools for viewing and editing SQL including Microsoft Access, Excel, and SQL Server Management Studio as well…


SQL Script to Uninstall an "M" Image

by Oz Evren, Software Design Engineer for Microsoft code name “Oslo”   One feature that is commonly requested for the “M” command-line utility, mx.exe, is being able to uninstall images. This is very useful when you’re developing a set of models and want to make sure you’ve cleaned up prior installations in the repository before…


Top Six Common MGrammar Integration Errors

by David Matson, Test Engineer for Microsoft code name “Oslo” The examples in this article work with the May 2009 CTP. Summary Using the M languages and types features together can be tricky for the uninitiated. I’ve collected some of the most common issues together with the best current solutions or workarounds. Overall Scenarios You…


Samples for the "Oslo" May CTP

A few people have asked “where are the samples”? As you can see from the Release Notes, they are no longer distributed with the “Oslo” download itself. So, “where are the samples” you ask? Well, you can now see the list on the Download page, but for those of you that want immediate gratification I’ve…


About the "Oslo" May 2009 CTP

Hello once again from Kraig, Kent, and Chris, your editors on the “Oslo” Developer Center. We’re delighted to announce the release of the “Oslo” May 2009 CTP. The product team has been busy stomping on bugs and adding features for this release–there are plenty of changes to read about in the Release Notes. Meanwhile, the…


How to clean up the Repository

Have you ever wondered, after a session of experimenting and playing with the M tools and the Repository, if there was a simple and reliable way to get your Repository back to its original state? A clean slate, of sorts, without the need to reinstall everything? Well, here’s one way – and while it might…