Samples for the "Oslo" May CTP

A few people have asked "where are the samples"? As you can see from the Release Notes, they are no longer distributed with the "Oslo" download itself. So, "where are the samples" you ask? Well, you can now see the list on the Download page, but for those of you that want immediate gratification I’ve included the list below.

  • Sample Model Data for Microsoft code name "Quadrant"
    This sample is composed of pre-compiled model schema and instance data for use with the "Quadrant" Tutorials in the MSDN Library.
  • Northwind Models with Instance Data
    This sample includes the schema and instance data of the Northwind database, giving a complete representation of the entire Northwind database in the Microsoft code name "M" modeling language.
  • Hiring System C# Source Sample
    This sample creates a .NET Framework class library that can be used as an input for Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) domains in Microsoft code name "Oslo" modeling technologies.
  • Calculator Library C# Source Sample
    This sample creates two simple CLR assemblies that are intended to demonstrate the features of the System_Runtime model, part of the CLR domain in the code name "Oslo" repository.
  • Sample Models
    These samples demonstrates many different queries, enumerations and relationships written in the Microsoft code name "M" modeling language.


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