On-Prem or On the Cloud

Learn more about SQL Server Machine Learning Services in the Azure AI Gallery If you store your data in SQL Server 2016 or above, you should know about SQL Server Machine Learning Services (ML Services). Instead of moving data out of SQL to perform analytics, ML Services allows you to move the analytics (in R…


Enterprise-grade R package management made easy in SQL Server

As enterprise data scientists access SQL Server R Services to perform their in-database analytic work such as data mining and machine learning, the R language’s full power cannot be materialized without custom yet secure R package installation. SQL Server has offered R package management functionality since 2016 (SQL R Services 9.0) which enables a team…


Classify Yelp restaurant reviews’ food origin with MicrosoftML

Yelp restaurant reviews are one of the most useful resources people use to pick restaurants. Reviews themselves not only carry sentiment towards the dining experience but also contain “meta-information” about the restaurant. For example, looking at a review that says We can tell that this is a Japanese restaurant since it mentions omakase and sushi. Natural language processing and machine…


Exporting large data using Microsoft R (IDE: RTVS)

Introduction Very often in our projects we encounter a need to export huge amount of data (in GBs) and the conventional solution, write.csv, can test anyone’s patience with the time it demands. In this blog, we will learn by doing. We make use of a package that is not very popular, but serves the purpose…


Predicting Hospital Length of Stay (LOS) using SQL Server 2016 with R Services

This post is authored by Bharath Sankaranarayan, Principal Program Manager, at Microsoft. Today we are excited to announce a Hospital length of Stay solution, leveraging SQL Server 2016 with R Services.  This solution accelerator will enable hospitals and healthcare providers to leverage machine learning to improve the prediction on how long a patient is expected to stay….


SQL R Services optimization for concurrent execution of sp_execute_external_script

With SQL Server 2016, we have introduced in-database analytics by bringing R closer to the database. This allows the compute to happen closer to the data,  and also leverage the power of SQL Server including resource governance. For production scenario, our guideline includes embedding ‘R’ scripts inside sp_execute_external_script (SPEES), which internally spawns processes for R…


Predicting NYC Taxi Tips using MicrosoftML

MicrosoftML is a new package for Microsoft R Server that adds state-of-the-art algorithms and data transforms to Microsoft R Server functionality. MicrosoftML includes these algorithms: Fast linear learner, with support for L1 and L2 regularization. Fast boosted decision tree. Fast random forest. Logistic regression, with support for L1 and L2 regularization. GPU-accelerated Deep Neural Networks…


Microsoft R Server 9.0 VMs now support Ubuntu and Korea regions

I am pleased to announce that the Microsoft R Server 9.0 are now available on all Azure regions and in this release we have refreshed the R Server Only SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition, R Server on Linux (CentOS) and added R Server on Linux (Ubuntu).  With this release we have brought a lot of…


Integrating PolyBase with Cloudera using Active Directory Authentication

This article outlines the steps to use PolyBase in SQL 2016(including R-Services) with a Cloudera Cluster and setup authentication using Active Directory in both SQL 2016 and Cloudera. Prerequisites Cloudera Cluster Active Directory with Domain Controller SQL Server 2016 with PolyBase and R-Services installed NOTE: We have tested the configuration using the Cloudera Cluster 5.5 running on…