Using R to generate API Client from Swagger

Microsoft R Server’s operationalization feature enables data scientists to deploy and consume web services to operationalize their R analytics. The publishService() function in mrsdeploy package can be used to publish an R code block as a new web service. After it has been deployed, the web service can be: Consumed directly in R by another…

REST Calls using PostMan for R server Operationalization

The Microsoft R Server operationalization REST APIs are exposed by R Server’s operationalization server, a standards-based server technology capable of scaling to meet the needs of enterprise-grade deployments. With the operationalization feature configured, the full statistics, analytics and visualization capabilities of R can now be directly leveraged inside Web, desktop and mobile applications. Core Operationalization…


Classify Yelp restaurant reviews’ food origin with MicrosoftML

Yelp restaurant reviews are one of the most useful resources people use to pick restaurants. Reviews themselves not only carry sentiment towards the dining experience but also contain “meta-information” about the restaurant. For example, looking at a review that says We can tell that this is a Japanese restaurant since it mentions omakase and sushi. Natural language processing and machine…


Predicting Hospital Length of Stay (LOS) using SQL Server 2016 with R Services

This post is authored by Bharath Sankaranarayan, Principal Program Manager, at Microsoft. Today we are excited to announce a Hospital length of Stay solution, leveraging SQL Server 2016 with R Services.  This solution accelerator will enable hospitals and healthcare providers to leverage machine learning to improve the prediction on how long a patient is expected to stay….