Are you looking for the latest edition of “The VS7 Debugger doesn’t work. What can I do?” document?

Well, while we are moved to this weblog, the link of my document is just gone from gotdotnet. and I got many mails from people about whether the latest document is.

so I moved it on my weblog. it is live!!! whenever there is any new issues from customer, I updated it. so please enjoy it. if you want to get word format doc with pictures, please send me mail. I'll forward it to you.

the link is

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  1. Rick Byers says:

    Great article! One thing I don’t see mentioned is dealing with managed debugger hangs (not specific to web services). Have you had experience with the debugger hanging?

    I’ve been plagued with debugger hang problems, and through multiple support requests have made a number of changes that reduce the occurrence of these problems.

    The most common problem I have is property evaluation causing a deadlock. To prevent this I need to:

    – disable automatic property evaluation

    – clear mcee_cs.dat

    – never use the autos Window

    However, I’ve had the debugger hang in other situations which I have yet to track down. It would be great to see a repository of information on best-practices for avoiding debugger hangs in Visual Studio!

  2. Thanks for your input.

    if you see this type of hang, please don’t hesitate to minidump of the hang with repro steps(anything you can remember) and send it to me(

    To get the mini dump, the steps are

    – Run another instance of DevEnv

    – Open "Processes" dialog(ToolsDebug processes" menu)

    – select the hang DevEnv and attach it with Native Debug engine.

    – Break(Ctrl + Alt + Break)

    – select "Save as dump" menu under debugger menu.

    – save it as "Minidump"(not with heap).

    it is same thing like VS watson and sending crash information to Microsoft. If you don’t want to send me the minidump, please send repro steps which you can think of.



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