ILDasm is your good friend…

Some times, you get frustrated because your code doesn't work when it calls methods from other people such as framework. also you don't have source code of the methods. so, even with the reference, it is not easy to understand what is wrong. Well then, open the assembly and look into the IL code with ILDasm.

If you have little knowledge of x86 assembly code, you probably can recognize the similarity in IL code. so, you will be able to understand what could be cause of your problem.

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  1. ::ILDasm is your good friend…

    Yeah, and reflector is your lover.

    I regularly look into the methods, but I would really never dreal of using ILDASM.

    Reflector is MUCH better – look at the code in VB.NET, C#, Delphis OR assembler.

  2. +1. Agreed!

    Reflector and Anakrino are both capable of showing you very readable source code in C#, VB.NET, C++ or even Delphi. This is a "must have" tool when you want to understand how a given class of the BCL works…

  3. Woo Seok Seo says:

    Yes! I love reflector.

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