Top 3 Reasons for the “The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server’s address and port.” Error

The easiest way to install web parts is probably to use this utility from Microsoft called Install Assemblies - very simple and intuitive interface, takes care of creating the Safe Control entries and even creating DWPs for your web part assemblies.

Install Assemblies internally uses STSADM.EXE - more than often you will face the infamous "The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server's address and port." error. There can be many reasons why you will face this problem, here are top three reasons I've seen in the field either while installing web parts or while using Object Model code -

1) WSS SP1 not installed on all components

Diagnosis: Go to SharePoint Central Administration -> Click Windows SharePoint Services -> Click Extend or Upgrade a Virtual Server (Second Link) -> In the virtual servers listed, do you see "Upgrade" next to your SharePoint virtual server.

Resolution: Upgrade all your components to SP1 using the STSADM.EXE util -> follow steps listed in this KB article

2) You receive the above error when using SharePoint Object Model code and using the Hostname/Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

Resolution: Follow this support article

3) You are using SSL, your code works fine while using http://sitename but not https://sitename

Resolution: Use the IP address with https:// instead of the sitename (eg SPSite testSite = new SPSite("");

- Mohammed Jeelani

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  1. Kurt Yokum says:

    For us, it was reason #1 whereas all the googling in the world will point you to reason #2. Thank you for the post, you saved me and my deployment team a great deal of pain&suffering at the hands of our management. My question is, though: How did you make the connection between #1 and the problem? I see nothing that would link the two.

  2. MSprey says:

    add #4:

    "If the Default Web Site in IIS is set to a port other than port 80, the Typical Installation for Windows SharePoint Services may end without creating a site."


  3. Ted Eull says:

    Ditto with Kurt. Thanks Mohammed.

  4. Leo B says:

    Reason #1, after installing WSS SP2 – I’ve been scratching my head all morning until I saw this article. Thank you, Mohammed!!!

  5. Maher Elian says:

    Ok, I think I have case #2.

    Now I modified the IIS according to your description above and it seems working.

    Thanks a million.

    Only one question about the value that I should fill at the "Host header value"?

    What I did that I filled it with the DNS name that I have created for my portal NLB portal.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Best regards,

    And thanks again.


  6. Ray Frangie says:

    Umm… This happens to me during a Typical Installation of Windows Sharepoint Services w/SP2

    Any idea???

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  10. Ramesh Krishnan says:


    We have service that use .Net WebClient class to call to get blob data for site Yokonbp. When SSL is enabled (required) I’m getting "The server instance specified was not found.  Please specify the server’s address and port." If SSL is not enabled it works fine without any issue

    The SSL matches the FQDN.

    Do you happen to know why it is giving this error or can you please point to someone who can help find a solution for this?

    I would appreciate the help

  11. Carrano says:


    I’ve tryed to follow these steps and no one of them solved my problem. WSS was it running very nice on my local machine, then i removed the application and installed again, and this error come to broke my patience. I still not have the suficient knowlege to solve by my self! So i would be greatful if someone could help me!


  12. Blake says:

    Great blog post, ours was due to #1… thanks for saving us loads and loads of time researching!

  13. Bundio says:

    Thank you for the post.  Solved my problem.

  14. rayees says:

    guys guys guys .. im stuck big time .. jus mail me at

    im not able to upload a file to the shrepoint.I think im having problems with the url im giving in

    Dim Site As SPWeb = New spSite(destFolderUrl).OpenWeb.

    help if you can .

  15. Nisha says:

    Just to share

    i just faced this issue and I found that these three were not the only issue. I faced this issue twice and none of the time, the issue os was any of three.

    1) First time, appPool was configured corrcetly. It was set diff in ISS and diff in central admin site.

    2) Second time, default site in ISS was deleted.

  16. Swimmer says:

    Thank you very much!!  It was reason #1 for me.  I wish I would have read this article 3 hours ago 🙂

  17. Craig Goodspeed says:

    Wow awesome thank you so much!! much appreciated

  18. Greg Gage says:

    Nice Job.  Our problem was #1… we had been struggling with this for a while!

  19. Ramana.SV says:

    hi, i am using win2k3 server, in that i have install Team Soundaion server, in the installation time its asking install Share point services2.0 with sp2 then i installed and also giving error like remove MSDE and then re-install share point service2.0 , i removed MSDE, and also giving like that only pls help any one about this….

  20. webuser says:

    I have a Windows Server 2003 SP2 with Sharepoint Portal Server SP2 and WSS 2.0 SP3.  In 2006, I had installed several custom web parts to the GAC using the Stsadm tool. The virtual server may need to be upgraded, based on the version number I am seeing in Central Administration.

    Now, I tried to install another custom web part using the same tool, but I get the error message "The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server's address and port." The Virtual Server is configured with an IP address of "(All Unassigned)". I tried specifying an -url parameter to Stsadm with the server name, server IP address and port 80, but nothing works. I can enumerate the existing web parts with the Stsadm tool.

    I don't know where to proceed from here. Can you please help?

  21. Howard says:

    I found this was caused by another issue. I've blogged about it here:…/stsadm-server-instance-specified-was.html



  22. murali says:

    i wat answer this (If not please specify reason for not working)

  23. skristaps says:

    I got the error because I tried to use the applications name, but in the settings it stored the servers dns name. So:

    1)  I got the list of all web appliaction names: stsadm -o enumzoneurls

    2) then used the needed one

    It worked.

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