Some basic sample to make your code “Linq ready”

  Linq has been shipped with VS2008/.Net 3.5 and is not really new. If more and more people are getting used to its syntax, it’s sometimes hard to imagine all the scenarii where Linq to object can replace the classical way we program. During some Silverlight coding, I changed my code to make it run…


Surface Academy Toolkit 2009

Just a quick post to share this project with you. Microsoft France organized a 2 month long internship in Paris to develop a Surface Toolkit. We have provided a bunch of controls, including a Card Game Surface Starter kit that you can see here: The project on Codeplex:


WPF/Surface demo: driving an extending desktop with a popfly duck !

Contrarily to the title, this is a serious article ! From 10th to 12th of February Microsoft France have organized the Paris Techdays event. During the developer keynote, I have presented some Surface development features with a funny demo. Here is a video of this demo but in french. Now let me explain what happened….


WPF and Silverlight BookControls: source code available

I have just finished converting the control to silverlight one week away from Silverlight 2 beta 2 release date, so I have been waiting for it ! For people to be able to compare code (quite similar) and behavior between the WPF and the Silverlight control, I have kept the same codeplex project to host…


Visual Linq query builder for Linq to Sql: VLinq

Hi all, After almost one year of work and organization, I am very happy to share this project with you: – new setup fixed (4/17/2008) The Visual Linq query builder is a Visual Studio 2008 addin. It’s a designer that helps you create Linq to Sql queries in your application. Both C# and VB projects…


MangaReader app using WPF

Here is a beautiful WPF application that is using my WPFBookControl: It’s very pleasant for me to see this control in a real world application. You can also notice how the design can be nice compared to what a developer like me can do :-). Mitsu


WPF ObjectDumper and Linq to Sql deferred loading

Video: WPF Object dumper demo The official C# 3.0 samples are providing a very useful ObjectDumper class that allows displaying any kind of object on the console output. All the child properties are also displayed and you can even define how deep you want to go through child properties. In this sample, I will show…


WPFBookControl on codeplex

To answer to many requests, I have added some new features on my WPFBookControl. As my blog is not the perfect place to maintain a project, I have created a codeplex project. Mitsu


How to simulate modal windows inside a single WPF window using anonymous methods ?

Introduction In our windows applications we are commonly using modal windows. Let’s remind the idea. Using windows forms, once a window is created, we can choose to show it in a modal manner (form.ShowDialog()). The window then becomes THE front window between all the other windows of our application. Moreover, all the other windows seem…


WPF Book Control demo via ClickOnce!

Following my previous post, here is an easy to deploy clickonce version: Thanks to Tim Sneath for this idea and the hosting. Mitsu