Some basic sample to make your code “Linq ready”

  Linq has been shipped with VS2008/.Net 3.5 and is not really new. If more and more people are getting used to its syntax, it’s sometimes hard to imagine all the scenarii where Linq to object can replace the classical way we program. During some Silverlight coding, I changed my code to make it run…


Serving Silverlight Apps from Windows Mobile

For the last Paris mobility briefing, my colleague Pierre Cauchois asked me to co-animate the Coding4Fun session…hard to refuse. Even if mobile dev is not my every day work, thanks to the .Net Compact Framework, it’s still .Net programming. Here is the scenario: You come back home, you have a windows mobile phone wifi capable…


WPF and Silverlight BookControls updated for Silverlight 2 RTM

You can now find the Silverlight 2 RTM version of this pageturn control, still here on codeplex : I have also updated the online example showing flickr pictures in a book: now supports SL2 packages hosting. Enjoy !


WPF and Silverlight BookControls: source code available

I have just finished converting the control to silverlight one week away from Silverlight 2 beta 2 release date, so I have been waiting for it ! For people to be able to compare code (quite similar) and behavior between the WPF and the Silverlight control, I have kept the same codeplex project to host…


Create a virtual book with your Flickr pictures

Get some help with the video on this page:


Show your Flickr pictures in a Silverlight book

Here is a control that everybody can easily use. This allow you to display Flickr pictures in a blog post or in any web page. For example this set of pictures (, taken by my friend Benjamin during Paris Remix 08 can be browsed just here in this post. Now, how to get this on…


Silverlight 2.0 Flippage prototype

Enjoy, Code is coming very soon..[Update]: code is now available here ! Mitsu Move the mouse cursor around the corners


3D with Silverlight 2.0 ?

Just a short informative post: David Catuhe, a french MVP from south of France is demoing a Silverlight 3D engine preview… His company ‘Vertice’ is selling the Nova product (a full .Net 3D engine based on Managed DX). You can find some awesome demos here: