Some basic sample to make your code “Linq ready”

  Linq has been shipped with VS2008/.Net 3.5 and is not really new. If more and more people are getting used to its syntax, it’s sometimes hard to imagine all the scenarii where Linq to object can replace the classical way we program. During some Silverlight coding, I changed my code to make it run…


C# 4 expressions: blocks [Part I]

  Since .Net 3.5 and Linq, the C# compiler is capable of generating expression trees instead of standard executable IL. Even if Linq opens the door of meta-programming (using the code to define something else, like a Sql query), we still have a lot of limitations. A C# expression is limited to a single instruction…


Read/Write selector in C# 3 then C# 4

I needed some quiet time to finish this article so I took some vacations here (Mauritius Island)   Expressions are used to evaluate something. We usually use them in the right side of an affectation or at any place where a value is expected. It can be composed with many other values, with computations or…


Surface Academy Toolkit 2009

Just a quick post to share this project with you. Microsoft France organized a 2 month long internship in Paris to develop a Surface Toolkit. We have provided a bunch of controls, including a Card Game Surface Starter kit that you can see here: The project on Codeplex:


Linq: how to share parameters between lambda expressions ?

Before going into Linq, here is again one of my pictures: Le Louvre by night, Paris   When using Linq to objects, you will quickly feel the need to pass some parameters from a method to another but it’s not so easy because each Linq method is not calling the following one. In a Linq…


WPF/Surface demo: driving an extending desktop with a popfly duck !

Contrarily to the title, this is a serious article ! From 10th to 12th of February Microsoft France have organized the Paris Techdays event. During the developer keynote, I have presented some Surface development features with a funny demo. Here is a video of this demo but in french. Now let me explain what happened….


WPF and Silverlight BookControls updated for Silverlight 2 RTM

You can now find the Silverlight 2 RTM version of this pageturn control, still here on codeplex : I have also updated the online example showing flickr pictures in a book: now supports SL2 packages hosting. Enjoy !


Linq to Sql CompiledQuery container

Before we go deep into Linq to Sql, I wanted to share with you one of my pictures made last week at Chamonix Mont Blanc from "L’aiguille du midi" during some days off. Ok now let’s go. Here is just a little trick but with some interesting patterns that could be useful in some other…


TreeSelector : playing with generics and type inference

This piece of code is part of a personal bigger project that I am working on and I think there are interesting thing in it and I wanted to share it with you. I am trying to use generics and type inference to imagine new kind of method prototype. With all the stuff around Linq…


Thinking about new C# method prototypes: object as dictionary

I recently had to write a small Flickr API. I know many .Net API for Flickr already exist but I needed one for a Silverlight application. Whatever, it’s only about building some querystrings so I did it by myself. It’s been an opportunity to think again about a classical question: how to pass parameters to…